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UKRAINE - Kyiv : The Prince Volodymyr Monument with the view on Dnieper river


KYIV location in UKRAINE

Prince Volodymyr

On the slopes of the Volodymyr Hill and overlooking the Dnipro River there is a monument to Grand Prince Olha's grandson, Volodymyr who is also called the Baptiser of Rus, as he introduced Christianity into Old Rus in 988.
Volodymyr, his family, and his closest associates were baptised in December 987, when he took the Christian name Vasylii (Basil). Soon afterward he ordered the destruction of all pagan idols.
The mass baptism of the citizens of Kyiv took place on August 1, 988. The remaining population of Rus’ were slowly convertedas well, though sometimes by force.
During Volodymyr's reign the first schools and churches were built, notably the Church of the Tithes in Kyiv.
The adoption of Christianity as the official religion facilitated the unification of the Rus’ tribes and the establishment of foreign dynastic, political, cultural, religious, and commercial relations, particularly with the Byzantine Empire, Bulgaria, and Germany.

Relations with Poland improved after Volodymyr's, son Sviatopolk I, married the daughter of Prince Bolesław I the Brave in 992.
Volodymyr expanded the borders of Kyivan Rus’ and turned it into one of the most powerful states in Eastern Europe.
The Rus’ clergy venerated Volodymyr because of his support of the church, but he was canonized only after 1240. Thereafter he was referred to as ‘the holy, equal to the Apostles, grand prince of Kyiv.
A bronze statue of Grand Prince Volodymyr was erected in 1853 in Kyiv.


The Dnieper River (Ukrainian: Днiпро) is one of the major rivers in Europe (fourth by length) that flows from Russia, through Belarus and Ukraine, to the Black Sea. Its total length is 2,285 kilometres, of which 485 km lie within Russia, 595 km within Belarus, and 1,095 km within Ukraine. Its basin covers 504,000 square kilometres, of which 289,000 km2 are within Ukraine. In antiquity, it was known to the Greeks as the Borysthenes.


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Kyiv - The Prince Volodymyr Monument with the view on Dnieper river


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