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CZECH REPUBLIC - Zlínský kraj (Zlín Region)

Location of the Region of ZLIN in CZECH REPUBLIC

Zlín Region (Czech : Zlínský kraj) is an administrative unit (Czech : kraj) of the Czech Republic, located in the central-eastern part of the historical region of Moravia. It is named after its capital Zlín.

1 - Hotel Libušin, Pustevny

Saddle between the Radhost and Tanecnice mountains, the most significant and most visited alpine resort in Beskydy. You can get there along the road from Prostredni Becva or by the chair lift from Raztoka in Trojanovice. In 1891 the “Pohorska jednota Radhost” (a tourist group) has opened a tourist shelter called Poustevne. To the end of the century, many others buildings followed as Sumna, Mamenka and Libusin by the architect Dusan Jurkovic. The area is completed by Wallachian wooden sheds “U Zarysa” and the hotel Tanecnice from 1926. This unique group of buildings should have been demaged by recessive german soldiers in the end of the Second World War but the Second partisans brigade of M. R. Stefanic fortunately discountenanced the horrible barbarism. In Pustevny you can also visit a little bell-tower and the sighseeing pavillon Cyrilka. Close to Pustevny there is a ski jumping bridge and you can use the well-known skiing centre here as well.

2 - František Palacký statue (Františka Palackého)

František Palacký (June 14, 1798 – May 26, 1876) is considered as one of the three fathers of the nation - the first being the King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV., the second was František Palacký and the third is first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. Various individuals like to emphasize one over the other. As to historians, none have surpassed his history of Bohemia except when they have focused on a narrower time period. Even these have been directly or indirectly influenced by his work.


3 - Rat'kovský šenk, Karolinka

is a small town in the Czech Republic, located about 18 km east of Vsetín. The settlement grew up around a glass factory established on territory of Nový Hrozenkov
municipality in 1861. Karolinka was separated as a municipality of its own from Nový Hrozenkov in 1949. The current name, a Czech diminutive form of female name Caroline, (originally Karolinina Huť until 1951) derives from given name of stepmother of its founder Salomon Reich.

4 - Lysá hora, Beskydy Lysá hora is situated in the land register of the villages of Ostravice, Krásná, Staré Hamry, and Malenovice. Lysá hora is sometimes nicknamed as the Queen of Moravskoslezské Beskydy. On its peak there is a meteorological station, a television transmitter, Mountain Rescue Service, SKI Mountain Hut, Šantán Buffet, Lysá hora Mountain Hut, and Kameňák Hostel.

There are also memorial plaques of tourists who died during the occupation.

The Beskids (Czech: Beskydy) is a traditional name for a series of mountain ranges in the northeastern Czech Republic, northwestern Slovakia, southern Poland and in Western Ukraine.

The Beskids are approximately 600 km in length and 50–70 km in width. They begin in Moravia at the Moravian Gate, continue to the north of the Tatra Mountains and end in Ukraine. The eastern border of the Beskids is disputed : According to older sources, the border is the source of the Tisza River, while newer sources state that the Beskids end at the Ushok Pass at the Polish-Ukrainian border. The name of the highest mountain depends on the definition of the eastern border of the Beskids. The highest peak of the western part of the Beskids is the Babia Góra-Babia Hora located on the Polish-Slovak border.


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Zlínský kraj
Hotel Libušin, Poustevny
Rodný dům a socha F. Palackého
Rat'kovský šenk, Karolinka
Lysá hora, Beskydy


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