Sunday, May 30, 2010

SLOVENIA - Šentviška planota


Location of Šentviška planota in SLOVENIA

Šentviška planota is a broad and extensive plateau formed in the shape of a triangle between Baška grapa, the Idrijca Valley and Cerkljansko. Difficult access to the plateau has made possible a more tranquil life than the one on the busy crossroads in the valley below.

Šentviška planota offers a variety of ethnological monuments, examples of folk architecture, and frescoes. The Church of Saint Mary in Ponikve is a masterpiece of architect Jožef Plečnik, who succeeded in combining elements of the former church, which was burnt down during the war, with contemporary solutions, realising an exhilarating new structure.

On the outskirts of Šentviška planota one may explore some attractive karst caves. Visitors will also enjoy the picturesque gorge of the Kostanjevec brook, while the most well known sight is the periodic lake in the middle of the village of Ponikve.


Crocus vernus (Spring crocus, Giant Dutch crocus) is a plant of the Crocus genus in the Iridaceae family. Its cultivars and that of Crocus flavus (Dutch crocusses) are used as ornamental plants. The Dutch crocusses are larger than the other cultivated species (snow crocuses), and tend to bloom two weeks later. Height : 4-6" (10 - 15 cm).


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Šentviška planota and two Crocus Vernus


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