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ROMANIA - The Sphynx in Bucegi Mountains

Location of the Southern Carpathian Mountains in ROMANIA

The Southern Carpathians or the Transylvanian Alps (Romanian : Carpaţii Meridionali) are a group of mountain ranges which divide central and southern Romania, on one side, and Serbia, on the other side. They cover part of the Carpathian Mountains that is located between the Prahova River in the east and the Timiş and Cerna Rivers in the west. To the south they are bounded by the Balkan mountain range of Serbia.

The Bucegi Mountains (Romanian: Munţii Bucegi) are located in central Romania, south of the city Braşov. They are part of the Southern Carpathians group of the Carpathian Mountains.

To the east, the Bucegi Mountains have a very steep slope towards the popular tourist destination Prahova Valley (a.o. Buşteni and Sinaia). At a higher elevation is the Bucegi Plateau, where wind and rain have turned the rocks into spectacular figures such as the Sphinx and Babele.

The Bucegi is believed to be the Dacian holy mountain Kogainon, on which the mythical figure Zalmoxis resided in a cave.

As a lot of missing people were reported in these mountains, another supernatural story tells that it is a portal to another dimension ...


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Muntii Bucegi - Sfinxul
Southern Caparthian Mountains
The Sphynx in Bucegi Mountains


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