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MONTENEGRO - Country profile




The Flag of Montenegro was officially adopted with the Law on the state symbols and the statehood day of Montenegro on 13 July 2004 at the proposal of the Government of Montenegro. It was constitutionally sanctioned with the proclamation of the Constitution on 22 October 2007. It is a red banner with broader golden edges all around the red field with the Coat of arms of Montenegro in its center.

The Law on the state symbols and the statehood day of Montenegro reached full effect the day after its publication in the Official Gazette of Montenegro. The publication occurred 12 July 2004 and the legal power of the Law occurred the day after, on 13 July 2004 - the statehood day of Montenegro.

The Republic flag is also the flag of the Army of Montenegro.


"Oj, svijetla majska zoro" (Cyrillic: „Ој, свијетла мајска зоро”, trans. "Oh, Bright Dawn of May") is the official state anthem of Montenegro. Before becoming the anthem, it was a popular folk song of Montenegrins, with many variations. It was written in 1932 or 1933 by Sekula Drljević on the basis of national songs of Montenegro under the title "Vječna naša Crna Goro". The song was first published in 1937 in Zagreb by Savić Marković Štedimlija in his book, titled "Red Croatia". The song has been published once more in 1944, also in Zagreb.

It was proclaimed an anthem by the Parliament of Montenegro on July 13, 2004 – the Statehood day of the country. It was also constitutionally approved in 2007 by the Constitution of Montenegro.

Lyrics in English :

Oh, bright dawn of May
Our mother Montenegro
We are sons of your rocks
and keepers of your honesty

We love you, the rocky hills
And your awesome gorges
That never came to know
The chains of shameful slavery.

While our unity gives wings
to our Lovćen cause
Proud shall be, celebrated will be
Our dear homeland.

A river of our waves,
Jumping into two seas,
Will bear voice to the ocean,
That Montenegro is eternal.


Official Name:
Republika Crna Gora
short form: Crna Gora
int'l long form: Republic of Montenegro
int'l short form: Montenegro

ISO Country Code: ME

Capital City: Podgorica, (pop.: 152 000)

Other Cities: Bar, Berane, Kotor, Niksic (second largest city), Pljevlja.

Type: Republic.
Constitution: Adopted 12 October 1992.
Independence: 3 June 2006 (Declared by parliament after referendum in favor of independence from state union of Serbia and Montenegro).

Location: Southeastern Europe, between the Adriatic Sea and Serbia.
Area: 13 812 sq. km
Terrain: Varied; from the southwestern Adriatic coast with narrow coastal plains to mountainous regions with thick forests.
Highest peak: Bobotov kuk (Mt. Durmitor) 2 522 m
Largest lake: Lake Skadar - 391 sq. km

Climate: Mediterranean along the coast, continental upcountry with hot dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters.

Nationality: Montenegrin(s)
Population: 650 000
Ethnic Groups: Montenegrin 43%, Serbian 31%, Bosniak 8 %, Albanian 5%, Muslim 5%, Croatian 1%, Roma .5% (2003 census).
Religions: Orthodox 74%, Muslim 18%, Roman Catholic 4% (2003 census).
Languages: Serbo-Croatian 95%, Albanian 5%

Natural resources: Bauxite, hydroelectricity.

Agriculture products: Grains, tobacco, potatoes, citrus fruits, olives, grapes; sheepherding; commercial fishing negligible.

Industries: Steelmaking, agricultural processing, consumer goods, tourism.

Exports partners: Switzerland 83.9%, Italy 6.1%, Bosnia and Herzegovina 1.3% (2003)

Imports partners: Greece 10.2%, Italy 10.2%, Germany 9.6%, Bosnia and Herzegovina 9.2% (2003)

Currency: Euro (EUR)

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