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PORTUGAL - Costa Nova : Ilhavo

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The beach of Costa Nova do Prado, also known simply as Costa Nova, is located on the west coast of Portugal on the shoreline of the Ria de Aveiro. Administratively located in the city of Aveiro, such as Barra, and in the tourist Rota da Lyz / Centre Region.

Had its origin in the opening bar of the estuary in the year 1808. The appointment is due to two facts. The first, "Costa Nova" as opposed to the "Old Coast" (San Jacinto). Secondly due to the fact that this place, that there was a huge, green meadow.

It is one of the excellent Portugese beaches for water sports, awnin a sailing club. We often see a lot of windsurfers, kite and other similar sports.

The ex-libris of this beach are the "haystacks" - houses painted with vertical stripes interspersed with vivid colors and cheerful.



Ilhavo is a Portugese town, situated in the district of Aveiro, and the Central Subregion Baixo Vouga, with about 17 000 inhabitants (city).

It is the seat of a municipality divided in four parishes. The municipality is divided into three arms of the Ria de Aveiro and is bordered to the north and northeast by the city of Aveiro and south of Vagos.

The county received its first charter from King Denis on 13 October 1296 and was elevated to city on August 9, 1990.

The city is famous for tis porcelain industry in Vista Alegre.

The city of Ilhavo encompasses two cities : Gafanha of Nazare and Aveiro.

The beach of Costa Nova do Prado is also one of the places of excellence of the municipality.
The typical houses of this beach (known as barns), characterized by wooden or concrete facades, listed with bright, cheerful colors, alternating with white.

Ilhavo is deeply tied to the cod fishery and the majority of masters were from the village.

The connections of Ilhavo with the sea can be seen at the Maritime Museum of Ilhavo.


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Costa Nova - Ilhavo - Portugal


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