Sunday, August 8, 2010

BRAZIL - Indians Cintas Largas hunting birds

BRAZIL stamp

The Cinta Larga are a tribe of people indigenous to the western Amazon Rainforest of Brazil, numbering around 1300. Their name means "broad belt" in Portuguese, referring to large bark sashes the tribe once wore. The tribe is famous for shadowing Theodore Roosevelt's Roosevelt-Rondon Scientific Expedition, making no contact.

Since the 1920's, the tribe has often come into violent conflict with prospectors entering the region to harvest rubber, timber, gold or diamonds. In the 1960's, this culminated in the "Massacre at Parallel 11" in which rubber prospectors killed many of the Cinta Larga.


Postcard sent by Ricardo , as "ribatejo"
Postcrossing - Reference BR-111932

Indios caçando passaros
Tribo Cintas Largas
(Rio Aripuana e Roosevelt, divisa entre Rondonia
e Mato Grosso do Norte)


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