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FINLAND - Huittinen city




Huittinen (Swedish : Vittis) is a town and municipality of Finland, located in the South-Western province of Satakunta.

The town has a population of about 10 000.
The town is unilingually Finnish.

Risto Ryti, the president of Finland from 1940-44, was born in Huittinen in 1889.

Huittinen has been a meeting place for travel routes and rivers for 7000 years, as shown by the elk’s head carving that made its way here thousands of years ago, to be unearthed a hundred years ago. Because of its location, Huittinen is a busy junction for coach traffic, making us easy to reach from any direction, including the airports.

Five beautiful rivers run through Huittinen. The wide Kokemäki River, with its large islands, offers an excellent setting for boating and fishing. On the banks of the river lies the Puurijärvi-Isonsuo national park, where one can find one of southern Finland’s finest bird lakes. The vantage point at Ripovuori offers spectacular views over the Kokemäki River and Satakunta, and nature lovers will love to stroll along the nature trail through the protected woods of Vanhakoski.

Saint Catharine’s Church, built in the 1300s, is the jewel of Huittinen town centre. In a stone warehouse building opposite the church, built in the early 20th century, is the Huittinen museum of local cultural history. The ground and first floors of the museum hold exhibits of the local peasant culture. The first floor also houses an exhibition on the life of former President Risto Ryti. Over a hundred examples of the work of sculptor Professor Lauri Leppänen are on display on the second floor.


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Terveiset Huittisista
"Greetings from HUITTINEN !"
Loimijoki : river
Huittisten kirkko : church
Keskusta : town's center
Kaupungintalo : city building