Thursday, February 4, 2010

ISRAEL - Masada

Postcard from Israël

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ISRAEL - Masada

Date of inscription on WHS list : 2001

Masada is a rugged natural fortress, of majestic beauty, in the Judaean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea. It is a symbol of the ancient kingdom of Israel, its violent destruction and the last stand of Jewish patriots in the face of the Roman army, in 73 A.D. It was built as a palace complex, in the classic style of the early Roman Empire, by Herod the Great, King of Judaea, (reigned 37 – 4 B.C.). The camps, fortifications and attack ramp that encircle the monument constitute the most complete Roman siege works surviving to the present day.


Postcard sent by Daniel, 7 years old, as "Daniel7" - Postcrossing - Reference IL-6374

Views of the World Unesco Site : Bird's eye view, the store rooms, the Byzantine church, the Synagogue, the Bath House, Wall paintings, the Cable-car.

Thanks Daniel ! Shalom.

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